fall collections, new york: michael kors

by Jeremy Danté

celebrating 30 years in fashion, the michael kors label has evolved greatly, not just as an american design label but as a creative force in the ever changing industry of image. the michael kors label has taken on modernized concepts & a much more minimal approach to design with powerful accessories & innovative details. with a solid formed expectation, i’ve come to appreciate what the kors label is known for & am greatly inspired that im still able to feel a sense of unpredictable direction all the same. this season an expectedly tamed palette was presented with contrasts of red against the grey, neutral, black & white pieces. subtle sheer designs were seen alongside winter coats as a beautiful set of accessories perfectly complimented the innovative & simplified designs of kors this season. turtle necks, which have been a greatly pronounced trend for FW11, were seen on the runway as design lines were noticeably more elongated. i love the collection & am excited to see how these pieces will be worked into high end editorial & of course, im expecting a michael kors campaign signature.

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