fall collections, london: louise gray

by Jeremy Danté

intricate & innovative through detail the FW11 louise gray collection was revealed for london fashion week in complete bold fashion. complex styling & models with geometric tiled faces walked the runway show which can only be described as lego chic. balloons were strapped to some of the model’s heads allowing a more outlandish direction to be felt; i sensed a direct correlation to abstract art when looking at the pieces. it was almost as if the geometric tiling methods were zoomed patterns & pigments. while the collection may seem chaotic, at first glance, the pieces are well constructed & would prove to be powerful even singularly, combined with more minimally conceptualized pieces. furthermore, it’s interesting & an unexpected direction that is no less inspired than many of the more commercially beautiful collections of show season. based in london, gray herself is a master of embroidery & stitching techniques with a masters from central saint martins. interestingly enough, an artist from california, also named louise gray, was known for her oil paintings & was an impressionist. as california based gray passed away at 90 years old in 2000; in finding this information through my own research, no word on what louise gray, of london, was inspired by this season. this season, gray continues to pronounce her knack for outrageous & bold concepts. a thoughtful collection with solid execution. with an intent to create modern folk details, the collection taps into an entire sector of fashion design that hasn’t yet been fully explored. truly inspiring through technique, concept & palette.

imagesource | vogue.uk