fall collections, london: christopher kane

by Jeremy Danté

intricate knitting techniques were seen from the christopher kane label this season at london fashion week. interesting concepts were presented as knitwear was given liquified necklines & design accents, allowing any form of design expectation to be shattered. im particularly impressed with kane’s ability to create completely different things from season to season; most designers find an area of concentrated strength & then capitalize up on it. as imagination ruled the collection, the liquified necklines were soon added to a spree of little black dresses, in a wide range of cuts, designs & styles. use of metallic details & sheer textiles allowed the collection to take on an innovative direction, unseen by any other label this season. as one of the most outstanding shows, purely based on excitement to see what will be presented; this season was successful in it’s cohesive presentation. strong direction & creative concepts were seen, allowing kane to further solidify his place in design.

imagesource | vogue.uk