fall collezioni, milan: gucci

by Jeremy Danté

as a continuation of bold tones we seen from gucci during the spring, this season was an interesting one to say the least. throughout the collection we see a noticeable focus placed upon accessories, particularly with the addition of the shades, hats & handbags this season. i completely admire the fearlessness & strong  direction that was presented this fall by gucci. the collection is, no doubt, an extension of the wildly successful SS11 spring collection, which has already been seen numerous times on covers & proved to be a stunning addition to the spring campaign circuit. as natasha poly opened the show, gucci girls joan smalls & karmen pedaru followed; showcasing bouts of teal & blue which soon morphed into grey tones matched with fiery reds & yellows. near the finale of the collection, gowns were beautifully constructed with rose details & sheer textile, adding an air of delicacy to further balance the collection; which was weighed down by heavy coats, fur, leather & velvet. the collection is a strong representation of beauty & glamour according to frida giannini. in giannini’s work as creative director, a much more commercialized approach has been taken & this season, that is evident. i love the styling of the collection & recognize the thoughtful use of contrast & sophistication of each look. models walked the runway with a dark lip, sleek leather boots, sexy strapy heels & heels with metallic accents. the collection is glamour commercialized- nothing new or innovative is seen. while many have expressed a dislike for giannini’s style; revenue for the italian based fashion house has skyrocketed since she entered as head creative & im sure this collection will be warmly received from clientele, all around the globe; furthermore, there is no doubt in my mind that editorial content will come alive with this collection. though fun the set is, in many ways, stereotypical of how one would define glamour. it’s cheeky in some ways & in others a bit over the top- it’s no less thoughtful or uninspired than others we’ve seen. one aspect i find interesting, and think of more when looking at this collection; is the balance between creativity & marketability. it seems as though in fashion it’s one or the other, you create something wildly creative & run the risk of it not selling or create something you know will sell, only to be called a sell out by fashion kids gawking at what you’ve designed. no matter how you define the roles of fashion- just make it beautiful.     

imagesource | style.it