fall prêt-à-porter, paris: ann demeulemeester

by Jeremy Danté

as one of the historic antwerp six, ann demeulemeester has an established signature & hard hitting aesthetic which is evident this fall for paris fashion week. deconstructed corsets blazed the collection as a sea of black was seen. while im very particular when concerning an all black palette, one thing i love of this collection is the magnification of details. usually, an all black palette washes details out but here they are, in many ways, pronounced. leather, chic silhouettes, structure & beautiful construction are seen throughout the collection & clearly pronounced is the demeulemeester vision. i love the collection for it’s style & theatricality- it’s a show without forcing one thing down our throats & stands alone outside of what trends are, regardless of the season. beautiful use of feathers & fur were seen, adding to the collections dramatic presentation. a strong direction, as expected & well executed. dark glamour with tremendous style & largely inspirational concepts for fall.

imagesource | vogue.fr