fall prêt-à-porter, paris: emanuel ungaro

by Jeremy Danté

it seems as though glies deacon has hit his stride for the fall as creative director of ungaro. stylish & modern use of sheer textiles, sleek silhouettes & use of leather were seen. after much turmoil including a bit of bad judgement involving a consulting job with lindsay lohan, the recruitment of glies deacon has allowed the label to enter into a new phase with a promising set of design in the last two seasons. while last season focused on floral elements, an aspect of ungaro’s heritage; intricate details were morphed alongside more sleek pieces with use of leather, opaque nylons & metallic choker collars. use of velvet, ostrich feathers, colored fur, tweet & printed satin- i really love how well all elements were combined this season. while a bit of goth was felt in the collection concepts, not one piece was void of sophistication, daring style or aesthetic beauty. deacon proves to be in the right position & im excited to see where this will allow ungaro to go. very, very pleased with this collection- super chic.

imagesource | vogue.fr