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zhang xu chao for harper’s bazaar, singapore

zhang xu chao of muse models appears for the march issue of harper’s bazaar singapore. shot by simon upton, styling for the oriental inspired cover was done by kenneth goh. hair & make-up was done by marc tang & cindy goh, adding to the sculptural & vivid color story of the image. with the rise of asian female models, it seems as though the louis vuitton collection will be one of the most photographed this season. already appearing on two covers thus far, im anticipating a heightened asian invasion as the spring progresses. the cover is expertly executed & zhang appears stunningly, perfectly made-up & wardrobed.

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daisuke ueda for vogue hommes japan

represented by new york models, japanese male model daisuke ueda appears on three cover shot for vogue hommes japan for the publications 6th issue. shot by steven klein, the japanese men’s style publication ventures into a realm of editorial concepts unseen from any other men’s publications in fashion. as the driving force of creativity, nicola formichetti is the brainchild behind vogue hommes japan & i expect that his work with mugler will trickle into the glossed pages this time around as well. as we’ve seen with formichetti’s styling work with gaga, nicola never hestitates to cross borders that separate different projects. while cover two is shared with seijo imazaki, we see masked models who have been identified as david chiang, jae yoo, mateus lages & cameron zuniga. im very excited for the issue & applaud the ethnic representation of asian models in fashion; this further shatters the barrier for represented ethnicities & here it is creatively done. to me japan & style are intricately intertwined, representing clean & fluid lines with effortless beauty & simplified allure. very excited for this issue, im sure this one won’t dissapoint. to aide japanese tsunami relief, you can do so here.   

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britt maren for vogue germany

through the lens of indlekofer & knoepfel, women model management’s britt maren appears stunningly in dolce & gabbana for the april cover of vogue germany. with styling by nicola knels, maren is seen in the same dress that gisele dons on the march cover of french vogue. the spring collection by dolce taps into quintessential elements of spring with their soft & feminine, clean & pure designs. perfectly fitting for this cover, britt is seen with her old platinum do on the shore, refreshingly complimented by the blue water & blue sky. between the gradient of the sky & her stunning blonde hair- this is what shooting a magazine cover is all about. perfect for the season & a stunning show from a fresh talent in the world of modeling.

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lara stone for self service

represented by IMG models, lara stone lands the cover of self service with a strong brown & lavish lashes. kept classic with a laced collar & conservative style direction, stone’s simplicity is balanced with a foiled mast head & foiled cover text to match. shot by alasdair mclellan, with make-up by val garland; im always super surprised at how stunning lara can look when fully clothed. i love self service & their raw approach to photography, it’s terry richardson with added depth, minus the whole overtly sexual thing. lara remains on top as a dominant force in fashion & it seems as though this year will prove to be another fruitful year for her. im excited to see what surprises lara has in store for us in the new year, one of the fashion’s greatest.

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dominque hollington for hunter

represented by DNA models, dominique hollington appears for hunter magazine outfitted in givenchy with an unexpected smile. as an international men’s style publication, hunter magazine seemingly packs a powerful punch as the cover gives us a taste of what elements make-up their 18th issue.  from the creators of italian publication, the/end, it seems as though print is bigger & better than ever, in the world of fashion. glad to see dom gracing the cover, as he is a male model, i feel, the game has been sleeping on for quite some time. a new york native, hollington has been on the modeling scene for a minute, booking significant editorial spots for i-D, italian GQ & vogue hommes japan; as well as landing campaign bookings for bennetton, puma & the gap. once represented by red models, i am hoping that DNA, which is hollington’s new agency, readily tackles the opportunity to garner him even more success as a developing male model icon. dominique is a standout among other male models for his street but chic look. one of the illest males working in fashion today. i suggest you get familiar.  

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rick genest for mugler, fall

as a rising star for his involvement with mugler & fittingly alongside gaga for her ‘born this way’ campaign, rick genest appears for the fall campaign for mugler menswear. shot in black & white, relatively similar to the collections hype previews before the first collection debuted, i feel as though the campaign images make the collection that much more chic. im very about contrast- whether it be black against white, pink against yellow, light against dark or with something more subdued against something extreme. i love the simplicity that is felt in being contrasted to rick’s over the top tatted body. while in the past years we’ve seen male models tap into the tattoo subculture, no model has ever been this vividly tatted & working in fashion. not represented by an agency & seemingly below industry height requirements, genest is setting the stage for a new world of models to open up. shot by mariano vivanco & styled by mugler creative direction, nicola formichetti, rick is the official face of the brand for as far as we can see. while i do admire the groundbreaking move to cast genest- doesn’t he prove to be a distraction to the clothes rather than a compliment? models are a large factor of fashion as they either compliment or take away from the effect of design. one things for sure, when you see genest, the last thing you’re looking at are the clothes. while pop phenom gaga proves to be the distraction of choice for womenswear- is there a greater message at what we’re being distracted by or is there an underlying simplicity that is simply itching to be redefined? all that aside, this definitely gets us thinking.  

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