daisuke ueda for vogue hommes japan

by Jeremy Danté

represented by new york models, japanese male model daisuke ueda appears on three cover shot for vogue hommes japan for the publications 6th issue. shot by steven klein, the japanese men’s style publication ventures into a realm of editorial concepts unseen from any other men’s publications in fashion. as the driving force of creativity, nicola formichetti is the brainchild behind vogue hommes japan & i expect that his work with mugler will trickle into the glossed pages this time around as well. as we’ve seen with formichetti’s styling work with gaga, nicola never hestitates to cross borders that separate different projects. while cover two is shared with seijo imazaki, we see masked models who have been identified as david chiang, jae yoo, mateus lages & cameron zuniga. im very excited for the issue & applaud the ethnic representation of asian models in fashion; this further shatters the barrier for represented ethnicities & here it is creatively done. to me japan & style are intricately intertwined, representing clean & fluid lines with effortless beauty & simplified allure. very excited for this issue, im sure this one won’t dissapoint. to aide japanese tsunami relief, you can do so here.   

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