rihanna for vogue

by Jeremy Danté

through the lens of annie lebovitz, urban pop superstar rihanna lands the march cover of american vogue for their annual shape issue. as one of the most successful artists in today’s industry, rihanna has blazed both magazine covers & the charts in her meteoric rise to becoming a style icon. beyond the realm of fashion, rihanna has demonstrated acts of leadership that millions across the globe have followed. in chopping her long hair & ditching her good girl image in 2007, the rest of the women of the world also took to the salons to get rihanna’s then signature asymetrical bob. that move solidified rihanna as a leader of style & her influence on women of all ages was made very clear. rihanna’s good girl gone bad image took the world by storm & birthed a new reputation for rihanna as she became a bigger star with her bouts of controversy, speculation & style. currently, rihanna has left the bob behind in ’07 & has been popularly rocking red. i love this cover & applaud american vogue for leading the way by putting musical artists on the cover. from sound to image, rihanna is a powerful entity in the world of music. as seen here for the march issue, the barbados born singer takes celebrity covers & editorial features to a new heights as we see her back bend & scrunch her face up throughout her feature. no doubt in my mind, rihanna is a star & once more she proves that. she has been embraced by the world of fashion & has paved the way for other strong women in music. her fearless approach & willingness to take risks on & off stage are what set her apart from many others within entertainment. in watching her perform of even on the red carpet, rihanna embodies confidence & a love for one self that is abundantly clear. channeling a bit of jessica rabbit with slight hints of ariel from the little mermaid, this is one issue you need to pick up. rihanna is currently on tour & has reportedly just wrapped a shoot for rolling stone. rihanna’s current album, LOUD is available in stores & on itunes. check rihannanow.com to find out when she will be coming to your city.

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