editorialesque » malthe, oskar, peter + victor for dansk

by Jeremy Danté

what yo’ name iz? malthe lund madsen, oskar tranum, peter beyer, victor nylander

of male editorial, there are endless opportunities to reinterpret masculinity & to redefine, revisit & revamp modern edge. henrik bülow photographs four male models outfitted in leather & denim, styled by amalie sahl. with greater amounts of depth through heavy lighting, i love the balance of hard & soft, masculine & clean. featured in the latest issue of dansk, im always super inspired by the ways men become reinterpreted through editorial. menswear is often times redundant in terms of trend, from season to season, many of the trends don’t ever change- which creates a need for greater measures of creativity to be seen through male editorial with publications. dansk is a publication that has always been a cut above the rest in terms of presenting that creativity. the challenge of recreation is realized that much more greatly & is seen clearly in the above spread.

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