editorialesque » baptiste giabiconi for numéro homme

by Jeremy Danté

baptiste giabiconi expectedly appears with his fashion mentor at his side for the pages of numéro homme. styled by serge girardi, baptiste is shot against a white studio backdrop channeling a bit more of a rugged direction. the ‘killimandjaro’ themed editorial takes safarian & animal printed menswear elements of the spring collections & combines them with baptiste’s near perfect mug. represented by DNA models, baptiste giabiconi hold the top spot among the male models in the industry, greatly credited to lagerfeld who has single handedly allowed giabiconi’s rise to fame to take place. the constant collaboration of lagerfeld & giabiconi is becoming stale & lacks innovation, variation & any real sense of surprise. while i understand that a chemistry must be felt between the two, fashion & editorial are about transformation, about adapting to change not opposing it. a bit of photographer variation in baptiste’s portfolio would go along way. that said, the spread achieves it’s style mission.

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