the modern supermodels for muse

by Jeremy Danté

what yo’ name iz? gisele bundchen, jamie bochert, carolyn murphy, guinevere van seenus,
isabeli fontana, karen elson, natasha poly, malgosia bela

today, the fashion industry has seen rapid growth & numerous expansion efforts to cater to the needs of millions that approach style & clothing with a ‘more is more’ out look. shot by daniele duella & iango henzi, eight of fashion’s modern day supermodels were shot for solo covers in a stunning cover series for the muse spring issue. curated & styled by luigi murenu, the covers showcase each female fittingly in refined & simplfied styles. brazilian bombshell, gisele, needs no introduction & is almost expected to grace of cover series of this magnitude. one element that is clear in this bunch is the concept of modern. females like cindy, naomi, linda & christy are held to a classic standard- these females changed the game for the era that followed during the mid-90’s to now. jamie bochert is represented by IMG & has changed the game with her distinct look that mixes androgyny with modern, interesting beauty. bochert is seen as is her agency mates, 90’s icons carolyn murphy & guinevere van seenus- both have been recognized as award winning females in fashion in the past. represented by women models, isabeli fontana, karen elson & natasha poly appear alongside malgosia bela of next models ny. a particularly large amount of attention is paid to each girl’s hair, more than usual. stunning! though simple, each cover represents each model fittingly & im very excited to see what each has in store, editorially. a great batch of chicks & stunning execution of each cover- though different, all are relative in aesthetic, class & polish. art direction for this flawless cover series by  luigi murenu.

imagesource | mdc