editorial exclusive » jacquelyn jablonski for antidote

by Jeremy Danté

shot by thomas lagrange, jacquelyn jablonski of supreme models appears for the debut issue antidote magazine. styled by editor-in-chief, yann weber with hair & make-up by christoph hasenbein & topolino, jacquelyn is transformed through hard edged style & edgy innovation. i love this spread for it’s use of experimentation with high end fashion elements & jacquelyn is one of my favorite models in fashion. antidote is a paris based publication that sees groundbreaking elements of editorial being fused to a new form of print. as a greatly developed concept of the future of print, antidote is a referred to as a book-zine & is visually stunning in person. everything from advertisements to fashion spreads become redefined with the antidote publication & im very happy to be able to present this spread as an exclusive. through my communication with antidote’s editor-in-chief, the team is currently at work at antidote’s second issue, which should be an even greater follow-up to the magazine’s first.

imagesource | antidote