editorialesque » the dreams of lea t.

by Jeremy Danté

represented by women models milan, lea t. appears editorially for the pages of V styled by olivier rizzo. notorious for being the world’s first transexual model, lea proves that her poise stretches far beyond the realm of masculinity & exudes authentic femininty, allowing a new type of model to emerge in the confined spaces known as high fashion. described by V magazine as a ‘transgender icon’ & labeled a ’21st century supermodel’ lea has not only changed the game but has largely affected the world over with her bravery to stand & be looked at as an example & hardcore statement for other to accept differences. born leandro cerezo, lea continues to dominate with major editorial bookings not limited to her extensive work with givenchy. for modeling as a whole, there is no other female that has done what lea has done, to the extent of how she’s done it.

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