editorialesque » elena fernandes for vogue india

by Jeremy Danté

photographed by tarum vishwa, elena fernandes of anima creatives is seen for the april issue of vogue india. shot in bali, a thoughtful set of bold style was expertly put together by edward lalrempuia, allowing the spread to become that much more pronounced in exotic editorial elements. while the bali backdrop serves enough inspiration in architecture & texture alone- the real star of this editorial is the styling. the cropped burberry motorcyle jacket/bathing suit look in shot nine immediately caught my attention & though the location of the editorial is beautiful, that left no opportunity of missed marks in terms of elevating the beauty of the spread through styling. styling can make or break a spread & here styling further empowers the editorial. nothing is worse than seen an editorial that relys to heavily on location to translate a vision. vogue india continues to thrive in development finding their own path to greatness & i admire this direction taken. to all parties involved- incredible execution.

imagesource | LMC