model introduction: morthyn roc

by Jeremy Danté

as an individual who is always looking for what’s new & what’s next, keeping an eye out for new model talents is something that comes, almost, like second nature. male modeling in particular is one of my major areas of interest, especially considering the periodic change in demands that is seen with the revolving door known as the fashion industry. as the latest male model to voluntarily enter the grips of male modeling is morthyn roc. currently unsigned, morthyn appears through the lens of joseph bleu with hopes of entering into new opportunities in fashion. i love morthyn’s look; he has touches of just about every type of male model that is now desired by agents & high end fashion clients alike. while some labels & brands are seeking more of the masculine, classical male build morthyn fits that description; his chiseled form is lean & well defined. though thin & well built, in form, roc appears athletic while almost combining aesthetics of waif male models that are popular in high end editorial. of dominican ethnicity, morthyn aims to become involved with fashion opportunities that allow him to contribute physical beauty to greater creative projects. raised in new york city, roc has developed an interest in what he describes as, ‘the art of modeling’. with endearing eyes & alluring facial bone structure, i believe that morthyn could work well in both high end & commercial markets alike. photographic presence clearly displayed- keep your eyes out for morthyn roc.

imagesource | josephbleu