editorialesque » rodrigo braga + murillo ritton for a capa brasil

by Jeremy Danté

rodrigo braga  & murillo ritton, both represented by the elian gallardo modeling agency, appear editorially for the pages of brazilian based publication, a capa. shot by joão rossi with styling by leandro lourenço, the “o cárcere da caste” themed editorial combines industrial grime with masculine beauty & slight religious reference allowing a large impact to be felt aesthetically. my eye is always attracted to forms of contrast, whether those contrasts are found in texture, styling or even concepts of beauty will vary from publication to publication or photographer to photographer. the images seen here are a combination of different concepts of beauty & style, all done so creatively & imaginatively. my favorite element of the editorial is this new favored process of multi-layered framing that seems to be a big visual trend with style publications.

imagesource | bmm