a stylized look at “glory” by ryan leslie

by Jeremy Danté

i’ve always felt that there is a greater connection between sound & image, beyond what is common knowledge. ryan leslie is an artist that has created a path & broke new ground in the process. allowing the outside world to watch him at work through production videos on youtube, leslie has largely contributed to the digital age of music, redefining the internet hustle for many artists waiting for their chance to enter the music game. in releasing his latest single & video component, ryan introduces a new sound, new image & redefined confidence on “glory”. with lyrical references to pacman & miles davis- leslie mirrors elements of each named character in presenting a hungry rap flow with a moody blues undertone. like every ryan leslie record, the track is self-produced & sees leslie being backed by an operatic male choir on the hook, allowing the feeling of glorified composition to be more clearly felt. visually, the video gives you a taste of what it’s like to be in the presence of a performer like leslie; clips from his european tour & stateside gigs are seen throughout as girls scream & supermodels sear across the screen. stylistically, ryan is inspired by balmain homme- think leather coats, boots, distressed denim, that rugged aesthetic. successfully, a clear vision is translated & adds greater depth of mystery to what leslie has in store for a july 4th release. marking a new era of independence, ryan has come a long way & seen many moments of transition in the process. as an artist that understands that les is more, some of the greatest production work has been birthed through leslie who composes, writes & performs all of his music. to purchase “glory” on itunes, you may do so here.