and the bride wore mcqueen…

by Jeremy Danté

on the eve of royal british modernization, kate middleton wed prince william this morning in london, england. in a refined, timeless gown designed by sarah burton of alexander mcqueen, after much speculation it was almost as if a sigh could be heard ’round the world as fashion spectators & commoners alike were all singing her praises. from designer name drops, rumored involvements to speculated consulting- there could not have been a better match for this royal a wedding. without a single feather in sight, which drew defined line between current high fashion & timeless glamour, to much of the fashion public’s surprise, the dress was not particularly mcqueen identifiable. that said, the gown worn by catherine was stylistically comparable to that of grace kelly; an iconic bride & princess of monaco who also wore a full laced sleeve & cinched waist on her wedding day back in 1956. prince williams reported response to the dress? “you look stunning, babe.” with a team of 60 for embroidery alone; the dress was a sweetheart necklined gown, made with a bodice of french chantillian lace with a full skirt in ivory. the heels worn by kate on her wedding day were also mcqueen, crafted of ivory duchesse satin, with hand-embroidered lace by the royal school of needlework. on designing the era defining gown, burton says, “it has been the experinece of a lifetime, to work with catherine middleton to create her wedding dress, and i have enjoyed every moment of it”; adding, “i am delighted that the dress represents the best of british craftsmanship; alexander mcqueen’s designs are about bringing contrasts together to create startling & beautiful clothes and i hope that by marrying traditional fabrics & lacework, with a modern structure & design we have created a beautiful dress for catherine on her wedding day.” on the final result of her design, burton responded, “catherine looked absolutely stunning today.” the bridal bouquet was designed by shane connolly & draws upon traditions of significance associated with the royal family. constructed of ivory & white satin gazar, the train measures two meters & seventy centimeters. kate’s chief bridesmaid, her sister pippa, was also in mcqueen; wearing a piece from the pre-fall 2011 collection that had a slight draped neckline & capped shoulder. wed in westminster abbey in front of the entire world, courtesy of live stream broadcasts on just about every important news channel in the world; arrivals from the middleton family as well as the royal family were gazed upon as the queen arrived in yellow, a spring palette highlight & phillip treacy hats were seen sprinkled about the cathedral. david & victoria beckham were among the first spotted arrivals as victoria was draped in her own design seen in navy with a custom phillip treacy hat & customized christian louboutin heels. as for david, he wore ralph lauren with a custom made philip tracey top hat- as the couple looked like modern royalty themselves. as the horse drawn carriage left westminster abbey, a new generation & revitalized representation of british royalty began in front of our very eyes. the case of kate middleton is one of fantasmic proportions; in america, we live for the rags to riches story & have invested millions into fairy tales & disney animated flicks, all of which have taken on a realized form, in the form of prince william & now catherine. for many, it’s like seeing a fanatsy happen in front of us. as many have had their own opinions of kate middleton, i see, in my mind; the birth of a new style icon. modern sensibility, keen preference of functionality & subtle glamour with timeless appeal. with heartfelt remembrance, we keep in our hearts the memory of the princess before her, our beloved, princess diana.