mert alas + marcus piggott for industrie

by Jeremy Danté

over 113 campaigns & over 44 covers in the last four years- mert & marcus are a testament to the fact that the fashion industry has a foundation in photography. appearing for the cover of industrie, a publication which allows editors & industry talents to steal the show- this cover was also self shot. of the internationally recognized photography duo, mert was born in turkey while marcus was born in the UK. meeting for the first time in 1994, following short stints working in classical music & graphic design; both mert & marcus formed as a photography duo & since then have changed the game. upon showing their images to dazed & confused magazine, they were instantly signed on to do a cover & from there began to dominate the world of high fashion through campaigns, covers & editorial shoots for just about every fashion magazine in this entire universe, no lie. with a signature aesthetic that taps into a feel of dark alluring seduction, mert & marcus are to credit for resurfacing the visage of high fashion- having shot campaigns for the likes of gucci, givenchy, louis vuitton & armani. having built a strong presence through advertising campaigns; mert & marcus recently shot groundbreaking covers for katie grand’s love magazine, as well as the current cover of french vogue which is on newstands now. delighted i am to see them on the third issue of industrie, following the first cover of anna wintour & a second of marc jacobs- mert & marcus are two names, ultimately, one team to know if you have any remote interest in fashion, photography or just plain dope images. unendingly inspirational, the mert & marcus portfolio is one of epic & astonishing feats. if you don’t know mert & marcus- you’re sleeping.

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