editorialesque » jimmy kim for numéro homme china

by Jeremy Danté

with asian model presence increasing, the luxury demand from sales figures to fashion publications in asia are being felt stronger than ever before. creatively, as well as literally, chinese style publications are coming out swinging for the SS11 season- as seen here for numero homme china. styled by joseph carle, shot by mei yuan gui, jimmy kim appears as an editorial fisherman. through thoughtful execution, kim appears surprisingly masculine while clad in silk scarves, transparent overalls & jewel toned blazers. as one of the strongest debut issues, im incredibly impressed at how quickly & well numéro homme china has emerged. being that many of the male models are still, exclusively, represented in china- it will be interesting to see how well each model, male & female will fare in the revolving door of high fashion. definitely a major time for diversity in high fashion & an exciting time for us who have been anticipating the change. great spread, very well produced.

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