editorialesque » the night by gq style china

by Jeremy Danté

what yo’ name iz? chen chun, hao yun xiang, juan, xu bo lang, sun ting,
vladimir, chen chao, lenn, freidrich, ledio, zhang zhong yun

dramatized against a white backdrop, GQ style china presents us with a curiously innovative editorial for their SS11 issue through the lens of mei yuan gui. styled by dan cui & jojo qian, the spread allows the chinese based publication to transcend into a greater creative space, showcasing vision & style in a way that has yet to be seen from chinese photographers, models & stylists all at once. from pieces by jean paul gaultier to works from mugler by formichetti- the editorial focuses on darker elements of style while the models appear as an underground, cult-esque grouping. my love for contrast thrives in the excessive use of black against the cocaine white studio backdrop- i was very impressed by the lighting technique seen; being that black can often times hide design details, here it was focused upon greatly & stylishly. a rather intimidating model cast was seen, as many of the names & face are still unidentifiable as individuals. a valiant effort of creativity & a breakthrough, editorially, for chinese fashion publications. editorials like these are what enforce the fact that fashion is an industry for creatives & reminds us that fashion is far greater than ‘just clothes’. inspiringly dark, well executed & beautifully shot.

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