editorialesque » jerry fu + philip huang for numéro homme china

by Jeremy Danté

for the pages of numéro homme china, jerry fu of major models is joined by philip huang of DNA models for this he & his themed editorial. vibrant colors & a poolside backdrop are seen through the lens of mei yuan as the spread is seemingly based on a gay couple. i love that numéro homme china is taking a creative approach at representing gay couples, being that many publications almost never represent male/male couples. styled by joseph carle, jerry & philip are seen with matching prada outfits & fedora caps as prints, patterns & color contrasts take center stage of the editorial. everything down to the furnishings appear as complimentary to the bold palette seen in the selected pieces & photographically, i love this editorial. numéro homme china is flourishing incredibly well from creative aspects to model castings in a short amount of time. colorfully inspiring.

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