editorialesque » monsters + props by wonderland

by Jeremy Danté

what yo’ name iz? o’shea robertson, sid ellisdon, taras koltun

through the lens of kevin mackintosh, wonderland magazine flexes a bit of creative muscle for their april/may issue for this monsters & prop themed editorial spread. styled by way perry, the wildly imaginative spread is seen in black & white while the models that were cast are seen in everything from dunhill to damir doma. i love the execution of this crazed approach to style; the props add an additional aspect of insanity that is well-balanced with the dramatic lighting & unexpected styling. though unconventional, the spread is no less beautiful, in fact, i appreciate the spread for its opposition of more commercial editorials. additionally, in response to this post a reader has courageously pointed out the portrayal of dark as evil, also making note that the prop-eye pieces on the black male model, o’shea, perpetuate racist imagery. do you see it?

imagesource | tfs