editorialesque » robin ahrens for wonderland

by Jeremy Danté

classical styling, dramatic light- two aspects of editorial that i live & love. wonderland magazine affords john balsom the photographic opportunity to capture robin ahrens of ford models europe to be seen in this trousers & trainers spread. classically styled by way perry, i love the casual aspects of style that are represented & love how artistically these styles are represented. i’ve said it more than once here, allow me to reiterate; with male editorial there is a seemingly larger opportunity to use greater forms of experimentation. because the design formatting of most menswear remains untouched & unchanged from season to season, use of light, placement of props & angles all make a world of a difference, editorially. these aspects that are represented each month in a number of publications remind us that fashion holds a large stage for some of the greatest artists expressions in the world. beyonce clothes or models, fashion is about capturing a moment- whether that’s a moment of trend or beauty. this spread adds dimension to style minimalism. superb lighting, in love with this.

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