the fashion report: seventy-eight

collection images: oscar de la renta, resort

a surprisingly wild showing for the resort pre-season was seen from none other than oscar de la renta. presented in the form of a runway show, ODR broke some new ground in showcasing what appeared to be an influence of the unending tribal trend. though i’ve come to expect more conservative forms of glamour from the de la renta label, it was refreshing to see him break out of his normal routing of sophisticated designs & dabble more heavily into the use of prints. in a showstopping 40 piece runway set, collection gowns were accented by hats as the theme of print was the headlining element of design seen. as one of the most awarded men of womenswear design, oscar de la renta presented a great concepts & sharp execution for the pre-season. de la renta never misses a step- the fact that, as a label, they show out like this for the pre-season is astonishing.

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collection images: bottega veneta, resort

perfectly poised in sequence, the 2012 bottega veneta resort collection began with a range of coats & form fitting dresses which soon transformatively shifted into a range of swimsuits for those taking a dip during the pre-season. shades & handbags made an early impact, as the veneta label prides themselves in accessories respectively. entering the front end of the collection was the labels signature use of neutral nudes as those soon melted away to shades of pink, yellow, orange & blue. i was surprised at how bold the collection was as i usually expect a subdued palette from the label. a range of fits, colors & shades were seen in the set overall. i loved the idea of lines that were represented, when the looks were well tailored they fit the models like a glove & when other looks went for design exaggeration, those lines were full extensions. a promising set & a great filler for the pre-season. slight use of color blocking was seen at the back end of the collection as belted neon gowns drew the collection to a close. fresh & surprising use of color, a fair showing for the pre-season.

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collection images: elie tahari, resort

always interesting take on color, the elie tahair resort collection was based in a palette of golden yellows & sand tones that warmed to a set of bold salmon, eventually cooling to blues with khaki sprinkles. an air of exotic style is always felt fromt the tahair label & even in the pre-season this was still an active theme. a boundless showing of style versatility was seen as gowns, blazers & even hot pants seemed to make their way into the collection. i love the air of sophistication felt in the collection & really admire the number of looks that have been created. i feel as though the resort collections act as a pacifier for us fashion hungry consumers. with as wide ranged as the styles & number of outfit options these first few collections have spawned, designers have made a valiant effort thus far. the commonality of exageratted lines is well executed.

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collection images: sportmax, resort

structurally sleek & balanced in palette, the resort 2012 collection presented for sportmax capitalizes on the brands modern take on the pre-season. the sportmax collection is a division of the max mara empire, providing a young approach to fashion design as a gang of coats, dresses & pant looks are seen above. while the opening set of the collection hosts a stone faced palette of whites, greys & navy pieces, shots of red & orange with a pinch of blue are seen, which adds option to the rather stream lined set of looks. i like that a variety of options are presented & a number of pieces that can readily go from one season to the next are seen. more specifically speaking about the collections set of trench coats, those can be worn a number of times throughout the year, regardless of the season. always love sportmax for their modern direction.  

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editorialesque » isabeli fontana + clément chabernaud for vogue paris

beautifully bold tones, sexual chemistry- two aspects of image that are clearly represented for the pages of french vogue through the lens of mert + marcus. represented by women model management, isabeli fontana is seen colorfully for the pages of french vogue alongside male model, clément chabernaud of wilhelmina. as mentioned previously for the issues covers, some have noted photographic similarities to that of steven mesiel for a spread that used linda evangelista. what amazes me is this concept of whose to blame; in my constant review of editorial a number of people point their fingers every direction. similar aesthetics are seen in the work of mert & marcus, as the two have been known to pay tribute to the greats before them. while some question the inspiration as lack of creative ability, the purpose of serving up a beautiful image is demonstrated clearly. both fontana & chabernaud fit well together & i love the focus upon color. appropriate for the spring,  prada’s banana prints & versaces color splash patterns are all seen beautifully throughout the spread. isabeli is one of my favorites, as is clement- mert & marcus kill it everytime. in living color, summer never looked so good.

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