collection images: bottega veneta, resort

by Jeremy Danté

perfectly poised in sequence, the 2012 bottega veneta resort collection began with a range of coats & form fitting dresses which soon transformatively shifted into a range of swimsuits for those taking a dip during the pre-season. shades & handbags made an early impact, as the veneta label prides themselves in accessories respectively. entering the front end of the collection was the labels signature use of neutral nudes as those soon melted away to shades of pink, yellow, orange & blue. i was surprised at how bold the collection was as i usually expect a subdued palette from the label. a range of fits, colors & shades were seen in the set overall. i loved the idea of lines that were represented, when the looks were well tailored they fit the models like a glove & when other looks went for design exaggeration, those lines were full extensions. a promising set & a great filler for the pre-season. slight use of color blocking was seen at the back end of the collection as belted neon gowns drew the collection to a close. fresh & surprising use of color, a fair showing for the pre-season.

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