collection images: rachel zoe, resort

by Jeremy Danté

known for her love of all things vintage, super stylist rachel zoe clearly defines her presence & vision as a designer for the resort pre-season. a wide ranged palette accented by dramatic silhouettes is seen as zoe’s own style is seen clearly translated & vividly executed. what’s particularly interesting & most inspiring is the range of styles that have been created. i find no limitation or restriction on age with what was presented, which is also quite impressive- considering how new the rachel zoe collections are to high end fashion. while i take aspects of design & execution as inspiration; i will say that nothing see here is new or refreshing. rather, it seems as though zoe has become that much more greatly defined, in style, by her work. it’s as if her design signature has become more sharp, more pronounced. while all of this is exciting, im wondering what trends zoe will be able to create outside of the vintage realm. promising, yes. groundbreaking? not quite. i’ll hold out for show season.

imagesource | tfs