collection images: helmut lang, resort

by Jeremy Danté

a beautiful color story was presented in the form of the 2012 helmut lang resort collection. with an entrance of stoned brown & grey the collection was held cohesively in aesthetics through sleek lines & structured silhouettes. the brown palette notes intensified as the collection progressed layering seemed to headline as relaxed fit was seen throughout. the collection winded down to a black close as an overall well developed vision was seen. in comparison to show season & contrasted to what was seen here for the pre-season, im impressed by the level of creativity that was applied to the fruition of this collection. while it takes a particular individual to rock this style; i fully appreciate & admire that the label has stayed in it’s own lane in creating a fitting follow-up, with the right amount of progression, to what’s been seen in seasons past. love this collection, entirely. 

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