collection images: hérve léger, resort

by Jeremy Danté

in a continued effort to avoid any death of their bandage dress, the hérve léger label, which is designed by max azria, takes a stab at the 2012 resort pre-season. while no particular direction is seen nor felt, it seems as though the label has attempted to create a set that provides a range of bandage dress looks with no intent at representing cohesion. while i’ve been surprisingly impressed by the lable’s approach with concept in the past two show season, it seems as though no creative energy is being wasted on the pre-season. barely in unison, even in palette, the collection hosts an array of looks & even includes a bandage bathing suit as options for you girls who can’t get enough of this band-aid style. overall, the collection is nothing special & seems to act as a filler as though the resort collections have become mandatory for big budget labels. basically, the same old shit is seen which doesn’t exactly earn my respect; rather it makes me feel like the léger is just making clothes with no purpose behind them. that said, i believe that it should be more than that & have always respected labels who take a creative approach & represent some form of emotion. i can respect a vision or even a follow-up to a popular style someone has created but i feel as though this was just thrown together. no creative value or innovation is seen in this set. nothing new.

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