collection images: marc jacobs, resort

by Jeremy Danté

while the design genius of marc jacobs is clearly evident in his work as creative director with louis vuitton, i always struggle in my attempts to understand the beauty of his own name sake collections, each season. for the 2012 resort season, marc presents a milky palette with use of print & what appear to be deconstructed cocktail dresses. while marc has always seemed to represent a bit of punk rock style or design rebellion, i am not particularly a fan of the resort collection, nor do i favor the aesthetics of his ad campaign direction from season to season. while many fashion heads hail marc for his work with his own labels, as well as his work with vuitton; i will say that im not completely understanding the vision. granted no two stylized visions are alike, i do respect marc for his position in fashion & for his clearly represented influence but i tend to lean more towards design that is much more polished & refined. perhaps my understanding of design is a bit more minimal & far too commercialized, in terms of marketing & concept, to be compared to the work of marc jacobs. im not feeling this collection.

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