collection images: calvin klein, resort

by Jeremy Danté

sticking to their guns, even during the 2012 resort pre-season, calvin klein sticks to their expected set of concepts showcasing minimalism & a controlled palette. underwhelming as ever, im always amazed that the marketing approach of calvin klein is always so stellar, season after season. while pre-season advertising campaigns are very few amidst regular season ad campaigns, i don’t think any ads will be shot to make this look anything beyond drab. i feel like i say this every single season when reviewing calvin klein collections & find it important to reiterate when the same emotions strike me; i respect forms of minimalism but also readily identify when these forms of simplicity border boring. while i applaud the clean approach to the resort season, i shake my head in disapproval at the lack of creativity being shown from such an iconic american label. elongated silhouettes took center stage of the collection, which was presented runway style in new york city. egg shell whites & expected use of white was seen while shots of grey & navy managed to make their way through. overall, the collection is boring as shit. im hoping that some form of excitement will be shown come SS12 show season, but given the track record of the label- those possibilities are looking grim. i will say that i admire the amount of consistency of the past few seasons, but im over this.

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