collection images: theyskens theory, resort

while noticeably more commercialized in concept, olivier theyskens reveals his lastest design collection under the theory label for the 2012 resort pre-season. one interesting aspect i keep seeing as a recurring theme with the theyskens theory hybrid collection is that of lines. while most collections are ruled by these lines & forms of structure, there seems to be an exaggeration or accentuation to the way olivier has approach these collections over the past couple of seasons. while i can appreciate the approach taken with this more mainstream design opportunity, i feel as though the creative expression of olivier is somewhat restricted. though solid, no breaks in creativity or motions of going above & beyond are seen. i love that the collection images were shot in paris & appreciate that from the last two seasons, there seems to be consistency but i want olivier to be able to break free & to really change the game in ways he wasn’t able to, being involved with others houses.

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