collections image: céline, resort

perfectly balancing a beautiful set of masculine vs. feminine, minimalism, floral print & stylized layering the céline brand remains at the top of my list of most desirable womenswear collections in fashion, as a whole- even in the pre-season. while labels like calvin klein remain in a lane of boredom when creating minimalism, the design direction of phoebe philo is seemingly unstoppable. beautiful use of floral print is well balanced with a post-grunge effect of styling that is both fresh & familiar. the collection is one of the best this pre-season & im sure that the label will continue in this lane of greatness for the SS12 show season & on ward. dying over the use of neon tones in contrast to more tamed palette notes. so fuckn dope.

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collection images: michael angel, resort

a wildy impressive set of images were presented in the form of the 2012 resort collection designed by michael angel. i’ve loved the michael angel label’s use of print & have noted the evolution of this label, in design, here on this blog for a few seasons now. seen against dark backdrops, the artwork inspired pieces take on greater life & become alive in each image. incredibly impressive, the collection dabs into a wide set of colors, prints, cuts & silhouettes while accurately representing style from an american perspective. among one of my favorites for the pre-season, for sure. im consistently impressed season after season by the michael angel label; im more than eager to see what they’ll show for new york fashion week.

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collection images: gucci, resort

frida giannini has seemed to miss the mark this resort season, as she opts to present a gold & gaudy gucci 2012 resort collection. while some of the collections pieces attempt to tap into greater forms of minimalism, those attempts are outweighed by the distracting gold backdrop which painfully reminds you of the direction giannini has favored for the past few seasons. it’s a difficult thing, these recent gucci collections- i feel as though it’s either love or hate with a heavy influence of beautiful campaign images. while the gucci collection is among the most powerful labels producing handbags, shoes & accessories collections, here the collections clothes aren’t much in my opinion. while some aspects of the collection allow it to fit well alongside other labels, i love the use of color outside of the gold tones & am hoping that editorial placement & consideration of a campaign are all in the works. not a complete hit, for me; though not a complete miss either.

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collection images: sophie theallet, resort

an aesthetic described as bohemian luxe has become the signature of the sophie theallet label; this direction is closely guarded & well executed season after season. presenting their 2012 resort collection, anais mali stars in the collections wide ranged set of stylish pieces ranging from gowns to pant suits. while the approach to the pre-season is noticeably more relaxed, the collection remains in it’s own lane of relaxed silhouettes of the bohemian aesthetic. while i would’ve liked to see much more developement in allowing the clothes to take on a greater feel of sophistication, i appreciate the pre-season effort.

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collection images: jen kao, resort

intricate use of print was the main attraction for the 2012 resort collection by jen kao. based in new york city, established in 2007, kao is of taiwanese ethnicity & was raised in kansas. representing a new era in american fashion design, kao’s style of design has been hailed as ‘art inspired’ & clearly, those signatures are well represented for the pre-season. while intimate in number, the collection holds value in the few pieces that are seen while timeless style & trend relativity are all felt in what is presented. a controlled palette for the most part, the collections use of green is modern & fresh, young & sophisticated.

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collection images: louis vuitton, resort

with arizona muse starring in the collection images, louis vuitton presents their 2012 resort collection. deep tones of purple & blue are seen as red is included in the collection palette for contrast. classic style & sophistication as only vuitton can create- the collection accomplishes it’s goal in presenting something that fits with consumers while no creative push is represented. accessories have an increased presence in the collection, considering how popular vuitton bags are around the world. while i respect the commercialization of the vuitton label, i wasn’t as impressed by this collection when comparing seasons past. though better design concepts could’ve been created, it’s pre-season. i’ll hold my breath until show season.

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collection images: zac posen, resort

after his move to paris from new york, zac posen seems poised to enter the high fashion stratosphere with no end in sight. recently admitted to the chambre syndicale in paris, zac will be creating couture in paris along with his namesake mainline & his moderately priced Z by zac posen collections. admittedly, im not always as receptive to posen’s designs, in comparison to other labels but i respect that he has always stayed true to himself as a designer. zac’s love for drama & classical style headline his 2012 resort collection as coco rocha stars in the collection images set. overall, there is that air of dark regality that i love so much about posen’s aesthetic & in seeing this collection, im eagerly anticipating what will happen for show season. overall, the collection is strong but is seemingly restrained, not providing any groundbreaking moments- rather, what is seen is a solidification of a skill that has already been clearly defined through design. great set, strong concepts, undeniable style.

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