collection images: gucci, resort

by Jeremy Danté

frida giannini has seemed to miss the mark this resort season, as she opts to present a gold & gaudy gucci 2012 resort collection. while some of the collections pieces attempt to tap into greater forms of minimalism, those attempts are outweighed by the distracting gold backdrop which painfully reminds you of the direction giannini has favored for the past few seasons. it’s a difficult thing, these recent gucci collections- i feel as though it’s either love or hate with a heavy influence of beautiful campaign images. while the gucci collection is among the most powerful labels producing handbags, shoes & accessories collections, here the collections clothes aren’t much in my opinion. while some aspects of the collection allow it to fit well alongside other labels, i love the use of color outside of the gold tones & am hoping that editorial placement & consideration of a campaign are all in the works. not a complete hit, for me; though not a complete miss either.

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