collection images: reed krakoff, resort

by Jeremy Danté

i’ve greatly admired the accessory designs of reed krakoff & have been waiting to see how much more stylized development would be seen for krakoff’s womenswear designs. for the 2012 resort pre-season, it seems as though that development is steadily in place. the collection closely mirrors what we see in krakoff’s stunning handbags- vibrant colors, a minimal aesthetic. overall, the collection is perfectly modern & holds the right amount of classical appeal while not isolating the trendy from the more sophisticated types that live & die in high end fashion. in palette, the collection began as a cool set of cobalt blue, which writhed into a set of green & boiled to a final set of red looks. a promising set for the pre-season & i can’t wait to see what is presented for new york fashion week, not to mention my anticipation for a debut krakoff advertising campaign.

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