collection images: vionnet, resort

by Jeremy Danté

in their journey of reintroduction, the house of vionnet had taken an extended focus on accessories from 1988-1996, which followed after the house closed in 1952. revived in 2005, the house remains one of my favorites to see each season; especially considering the remarkably modern approach the house takes each season. while the past few show seasons have resulted in more classically driven design concepts, it seems as though an air of fluidity, which is more commonly seen in newer fashion brands, is replicated for the resort pre-season. i love the collections representation of silhouette & their stunning use of palette, more particularly referring to contrast. from orange & navy to yellow & black, the collection hosts a range of looks with relaxed lines- which allows the greater feel of cruise/resort, which is what the pre-season is all about.

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