letter from the editor: reinventing my body of work

by Jeremy Danté

over the course of time we’ve shared here together, we’ve entered & exited quite a few seasons. we’ve analyzed trends, identified models & rediscovered a more intellectual foundation of fashion that has a deep rooted connection to pure creative genius. since the creation of this blog, a development of content & style has been seen in the last few years. much of the work i put into this site mirrors that of my own life; my attractions, my distractions, my opinions & my love- it’s all seen here, written & expressed for you in the best format that i can create, in the fastest time allotted. at this stage in the game, considering the opportunities i’ve been fortunate enough to encounter; i’ve rediscovered an appreciation for freedom. while much of fashion is ruled by schedules, sales figures, luxury hierarchy & indestructible standards of quality; we’ve come to understand how seasons work, how things change, how certain aspects evolve. i am now focusing on taking this yearly structure & modifying it to a more individualized approach. for me, it’s never been about competition, it’s always been about finding ways to more accurately define who i am & more importantly, becoming who i am meant to be. through writing & responding to certain aspects of beauty, style & fashion- though some may find that im closed off in a number of ways; others have been able to resonate with my style on an emotional level, which i feel is one of the greatest accomplishments in building my voice. as a writer, personality & image analyst, i’ve been able to represent a new breed of bloggers who surpass the bar previously set by others who have used gimmicks & illegitimate skill to create a brand.  there was never a greater marriage between reality, beauty & a literary voice, the way i’ve intended to connect with you as a reader. the fact is, it’s about more than just clothes or bad bitches- it goes further, deeper than that. it’s time to get serious.

in using platforms to represent us; we must understand the power we hold in ourselves- even in the small work that we do. our poise, our choices, our emotionally driven circumstances are what make & ultimately break us- though not every aspect can be seen in motion or live action on-screen; they can still be felt, subliminally, in all that we put out. through greater control, stronger focus & an even greater dedication to the standards i’ve already defined- i am looking to expand my voice & creatively purify aspects of my own digital writing in this next stage of development. from fashion to perceptions of beauty, i hope to continue to inspire through positivity, fearless delivery & in innovative ways; thus enhancing a greater form of connectivity between this wildly developing industry & us- who have developed such an intense interest in it. going forward, i plan on revolving much of what i do here at jeremydante.com around a greater concept of personal style. much of the coverage i have taken time to write about was my attempt at covering larger aspects of high end fashion & the luxury market to allow better understanding from you as an audience. im excited for you to see these changes & am anxious to get things started. while physically taking on changes as well, my own personal transformation has inspired me in this new direction, which you’ll all begin to see through my daily work. i thank all of you who have remained loyal in reading while also being gracious to lend positive words of encouragement for the work that i do. let’s continue to grow together & inspire those around us, beautifully.