reconstructing the face of fashion blogging

by Jeremy Danté

in everything i do, i’ve always taken a greater initiative to represent what & how i feel things should be done. to see a path someone else has taken is one thing, but to create your own path in taking the pre-established to new heights is a whole other ball game. in speaking of reconstruction & creating a corresponding image, this is not to be taken so literally. i have no plans to physically or surgically reconstruct anything- im intending for this reconstruction to be taken, creatively; artistically, literarily, in terms of image & persona. for a minute, when i first created this site, i looked at others & felt the need to mirror what content was being seen. in gaining access to a growing number of resources, this content became much more specific & i began pulling content with a greater sense of objective nature- deciding what was & wasn’t good enough.

as readers, you’ve come to understand what i prefer- i like it commercial, i prefer it high end & i want that shit to be beautiful. as an individual, i’ve always been on this search to find others who loved what i loved, admired the shit that i admired & understood this need for things to be a certain way. i’ve found that in you, the reader. whether it was you hitting the like button or retweeting- i’ve established a connection with you, which i value. for the most part, i’ve tried to educate you & learn with you in the process- together we’ve gathered all this information & now i want to change it up. i want to focus on more analytical pieces of writing that challenge pre-existing rules. for much of the time i’ve had this site, i’ve kept to the same straight-laced method of runway reviews while attempting to cover as much ground as possible. & i have. but im bored; i feel that i’ve become washed out in a number of ways & have been reviewing with almost a sense of disconnection. theres a certain point during show season where i feel like im drowning in content with no room to breathe. i feel like this has affected my perception of some collections & i want to change the course & method i report on collections- after all, show season is the basis of all fashion advertising & editorial content for the following year.

in the past, we’ve come to identify a number of males & female models; which is still of the utmost importance. beyond a simple head shot & name check- i want to dive deeper where we can get a greater feel for the models life. among the crowd of readers of many of them have been models- aspiring & working alike. ever since i was young, i’ve had this vision of beauty- this certain something; when i see that in anything i come across, i feel it- it’s that burst during show season when you’re watching the live stream & you shout ‘yes!’ – it’s that chill down your spine when you get a first glimpse of that september issue cover- it’s all of those things. in applying my talents to specified areas; i’ve been able to meet & befriend an impressive set of creatives that have expressed a desire to collaborate- all of those aspects will be brought to life in this new era of reconstruction. it’s funny, in my mind, im always reconstructing or refining to a certain degree; in hopes of achieving a greater sense of ‘this is who i am’. in translating this vision to you, as more than readers but friends & supporters; it’s as though someone has held a mirror to my face & asked me “who are you? what do you do? & why should we give a fuck?”. when i talk about what is done here, it’s like second nature to me; people sit & say, “oh, shit! i never seen that before” or “how the fuck do think of these things?” – & when told those things or asked those questions, it’s hard to put into words. i’ve always had these thoughts; the only difference with now is that i have a place where these thoughts can become realities. whether it’s an image or a line- an opinion or thought, i can come into this space & tell it to you, who ultimately feels & responds to it with this sense of appreciation. it’s in those moments that i find greater power in my voice.

for as long as i’ve lived my life, i’ve been told i was a star & in the past decade, the definition of star has drastically changed. in an era where one talent is not enough, i still feel like i can compete with anyone. that said, i don’t feel the need to do so because i feel what i represent has not yet been represented in the capacity i am about to represent it. it’s very difficult to put into words, something you just feel as almost a reflex- in writing or moving a certain way, phrasing something with vitality or choosing what you define as the best. i feel as though i’ve become so much more of an artist with a more developed platform in the past few years. i’ve been criticized for the way i do things & i can assure you- it’s all intentional. i’ve been told that my face is used to heavily as a branding emblem & i’ve been told that i should use capitalization appropriately since i demonstrate skill with punctuation. i put my face on this shit because i want you to know who the fuck is talking; i don’t feel the need to hide behind a screen, trust, if i could grab you through the screen i would. the reason i dont capitalize is because it’s faster when i dont worry about it; im giving you what i got as fast as i can give it to you. visually, the image i’ve created was shot in 2007. the idea of the skull diagram was inspired by the FW11 images of mugler- i thought about how scientific much of what i do has become- in high school i was describe by my general physical science teacher as an ‘analytical mind’ & the image is a visual representation of that. my ability to take something & understand the structure of it, while breaking it down section by section is what i feel this image represents. in using myself as a vehicle for this breakdown, i feel like im sitting on the brink of some real legendary shit. unapologetically, powefully & strikingly- i hope that i can show you more of what i have in my head. sometimes i feel like this dream i have is bigger than can be explained, more massive than i even realize; but in everything i do, i represent that dream, one pixel at a time. they’ve labeled me a singer, a writer, some have mistaken me for a model, some called me a personality, a blogger- i’ll be all that shit & more but i’ll be damned if anyone can tell me that i can only have one. the only title i hold myself to is that of jeremy dante. i’ve never believed in creative boundaries, i see no sense in beginning now. for any one who thinks im done, they are sorely mistaken- i haven’t even begun.