kate moss for british vogue

by Jeremy Danté

as i search for ways to represent this new form of content on the site, i realize that some aspects cannot be presented in a better format than already presented. that aspect of course is fashion publication & editorial analysis- the size of the images & the context in which i discuss these aspects of high end fashion will remain unchanged in this new phase of reconstruction. shot for the august cover of british vogue, the ultimate british supermodel, kate moss graces the publications cover. one thing that should be clearly understood is the method in which models are selected for covers. while american publications select actresses when they have corresponding film projects, it’s always interesting to see how models are selected for international publications. kate moss, who recently wed, made headlines for wearing a john galliano gown on her wedding day. kate is no new favorite of british vogue & has graced the cover, probably more times than any model in the industry. shot by mario testino, with styling by lucinda chambers, kate appears a bit off in my opinion. while better covers have been seen before, im not sure if it’s a combination of the retouch, the make-up or the way kate was photographed but i definitely expected more. overall, kate is an expected choice for the british mag & im hoping that other british females will land solo covers soon. if i may suggest, i would love to see a solo jourdan dunn cover in the very near future. perhaps for september.

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