edita vilkeviciute for numéro china

by Jeremy Danté

represented by DNA models, edita vilkevicute is one of my favorite female models for her natural beauty. showcased in the form of pure beauty, edita lands the august cover of numéro china through the lens of kai z. feng. at first glance, the cover seemed uninspired, boring & expected; given the past of numéro, they are notorious for black & white cover shots which for me can be come very one note. i understand the need to represent visual signatures but value versatility just as much. in presenting the cover along with edita’s feature editorial, the single shot hold more value in representing natural beauty & high end jewelry. from her bone structure to her dark lip, the feature editorial & edita are photographed beautifully by feng. i like the combination of greyscaled images & colored shots, the images that show edita with full make-up & the other plain shots; as one note as the cover may seem, the feature delivers that versatility that this issue’s cover lacks. overall, a stunning showing by edita. a well deserved cover & valued photographic performance. while i love fashion, i love the beauty focus here.

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