natasha poly for russian vogue, september

by Jeremy Danté

shot by hedi slimane, russian supermodel natasha poly graces the cover her native of russia for their version of vogue. with what appears to be an overextension of cosmetic application, the cover is a sneak peak at the feature editorial, which stars poly & focuses on dramatized make-up with all sorts of theatricality. represented by women model management, natasha is of the supermodel new school & is a beast when it comes to runway bookings, campaigns and, as evidenced here, covers. i love to see publications representing with like models for the september covers. you know, british models for british vogue, russian models for russian vogue. it works, the girls represent & it’s always excited to see which girls are selected. though i am a bit dissapointed in the culmination of creative elements of this cover; from what i’ve seen the editorial content from this issue makes up for it. the heavy liner & black fur against the platinum blonde could’ve worked but somehow, it’s not. russian vogue began print in 1998 with editor-in-chief, aliona doletskaya in place & since 2010, victoria davydova has taken the helm. considered the most authoritive fashion publication in russia, the magazine has notoriously listed naomi campbell as a contributing editor & continues to push the creative envelope. between natasha & slimane, this could’ve been better.

imagesource | tfs