abbey, anja, karmen, saskia + stella for numéro, september

by Jeremy Danté

karl lagerfeld doesn’t give a fuck when it comes to his faves; he’ll shoot them for every campaign, every cover & make space for them on the runways of chanel until they do something to fuck up their chances. this form of casting redundancy has become extremely boring to me & falls even more flat as karl continues to shoot in black & white. shot for the latest cover of numéro; abbey lee kershaw, anja rubik, karmen pedaru, saskia de brauw & icon, stella tenant all appear for this female five pack for september. while the image is not terrible, it does provide slight indication of the direction in which karl will likely go for the feature editorial; which is, for the most part, an extension of the cover. the fact that the bland contrast of usual suspects appears, the greyscaled images against a studio backdrop promise little to no real creative push- which is beyond disappointing. all this & we haven’t seen the issue. as much as i respect karl for what he’s done in the fashion game for what seems like forever, im hoping that he will somehow awake from this lull he’s been in. from his photography, to his collections for chanel- everything seems as dull as his black & whites. images & concepts are uninspired- im just expecting more. i suppose when you’re at that high a level, you can reach a creative peak.

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