spring collections twelve: marios schawb, london

by Jeremy Danté

more often than not, whenever i think of london- i think wild style. in the past couple of years, we’ve seen a large number of more experimental collections from london. in hopes of following in the foot steps of vivienne westwood, most london fashion designers have that knack for presenting the unusual & not being afraid to go for it. of the fashion capitals, london is the most slept on. even in scheduling, london has the least amount of time & is crammed between the juggernaut of new york & the epic proportions of milan. while i’ve clearly taken a step back to really think what is the best way to deliver my thoughts on runway collections, i’ve decided to scrap the idea of fashion season recaps for each of the thumbtacks on the fashion maps & only cover what i absolutely love.

of those collections in london, i loved marios schwab. the collection itself played well with other collections while quietly separating itself from the others. most collections in london, this season, opted for loud prints & really over extended in that aspect of trend interpretation. in new york, designers like chado ralph rucci & herve leger included metallics in their collection, which didn’t seem to be a highlight in new york. in london, there was a little more glitter on the runway & schwab interpreted that aspect beautifully & not jarringly. within that realm of minimal, clean & modern design- the SS12 marios schwab womenswear collection is a perfect example of what i prefer, stylistically. eventually, what i would like to do is cover only what im obsessed with & nothing else. for a while here on the blog i’ve tried to be all inclusive; dishing & researching everything from collection to ad campaign but in some respects not having anything to say, in terms of personal opinion when it came down to what counts- the clothes. the kind of woman i like is the kind of girl who doesn’t deal with bullshit. we all love glamour & sometimes being over the top- but i find that some of fashion’s greatest style moments have been heavily based in simplicity & ease. that is the same feel i got from this collection.

ruled by structured lines & the utmost interesting concepts, sleek modernism was all that i felt while looking at each piece; admiring everything from the cosmetics to the hemlines. one aspect i felt cheated on was the footwear; i felt the shoes on the models were too restricting & often distracted from the simplicity of the garments being that they were created in a hi-rise style. sheer textiles shielded us from being overwhelmed by the collections glittered moments while particularly close attention was paid to waist lines & necklines. the most inspiring pieces, granted im overly eager about the fall, was the collections set of coats. as i’ve mentioned previously geography plays a great hand in influencing fashion & london’s yearly forecasts allow them the ability to design & produce some of the illest coats. from the sleek dresses that kept it simple to the perforated textiles that only pulled you in closer- i loved the collection from start to finish for taking concepts we’ve seen & reintroducing them in fresh & innovative format.

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