spring collections twelve: paul smith, london

by Jeremy Danté

im completely fascinated with powerful women. the whole perception that this is a man’s world is basically like that whole, ‘which came first the chicken or the egg’ question. raised my a single mother, i grew up seeing powerful women getting shit done & that has become engrained into, literally, everything i do. you see it here on the blog- the supermodels that dominate the magazine covers. it’s all connected in one way or another to powerful women. paul smith’s SS12 collection is always one that i look forward to because they straight boss up on the thought that women are stuck in gowns & glitter. the collection hosted a number of well tailored looks that captured my interest in masculine lines & also was conceptually on point in palette without being wild or experimental- they kept it classic, which is what i expect from the paul smith label. at the face of it, the collection was super simple, but for me- i was completely inspired by how they interpreted trend & loved the styling of the show. crisp whites, rich blues & a dozen belted waists blazed the runway. gowns & shit are nice but im always super inspired by designers that further blur the lines of style & gender. strong enough for a man, but gentle enough for a woman.

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