spring collections twelve: acne, london

by Jeremy Danté

the acne label is one that i’ve always been on the fence about. the fact that their entrance into fashion happened on accident, also considering that they acne as a business has their hands in just about everything has made me question their ability to balance all of these things successfully. this season, i was pleased. the collection presented was filled with palette trends of blue, yellow, pink & blue while the designs themselves remained modern & clean. sleek lines were from start to finish in the collection, which is a usual direction for the label. elements of motocycle gear was seen in the collections pants & a number of their coats as other side lined elements found their way into the mix in the form of what appeared to be a rubberized glitter & a star-holed skirt. what i love about acne is their presence of ambiguity. like, you know they’re gonna present a collection but they play the field not pigeon holing themselves with bold style signatures like other labels. yeah it’s clean, hIp & modern- but even within that category there is so much that can be done on the design front. while i do have my doubts each season; im generally pleased with the level of style that is designed every time. color plays a large role in acne’s collection as well; regardless of the season, there is always a dope combination of pieces in a range of shades & tones- which allows a greater customer to be reached, in terms of sales. overall, the collection was strong & is sure to be a good set for the spring season. the pieces are effortlessly cool, easy to wear & are suitable for a range of age groups without making one or the other look stupid. silhouettes were relaxed, some more feminine while others masculine- a range of style capabilities was presented. from their use of floral prints to the way the clothes floated on the runway, if you’re the type of girl that doesn’t allow trends to define what you rock on any given day- this collection is for you. while i understand the need to represent solidarity for business reasons, i feel like the acne label has mastered playing the middle man- between corporation & style based cool. this collection is evidence of that & im betting on the fact that next season will follow closely in that same pattern of semi-non-conformist style. thecollection.