spring collections, tokyo: everlasting sprout

by Jeremy Danté

tokyo has been a fashion region that i have yet to explore in my blogging & with my unsettled outlook on the normal new york/london/milan/paris deal; i figured there is no better time than the present to shift gears a little.  the first collection of my first ten for tokyo’s spring season is everlasting sprout. designed by keith muramatsu, who is said to have a signature with knitwear, presented a lighthearted, almost mod set that was doused in polka-dots, color blocking & relaxed silhouettes. from the cute glasses to the curls that sat atop the heads of each model who was cast for the show, i thought the collection was a fitting fashion appetizer as many of japan’s designers border out of control & their perception on style is light years ahead of us, here in the united states. complex, diverse & undeniably intriguing; i liked this collection for it’s fun approach to the spring & thought it to be incredibly cute. inspiring variation of fit from look to look & casual style that is uniquely japanese.

imagesource | wwd