spring collections, tokyo: nozomi ishiguro

by Jeremy Danté

as the perfect follow-up runway review to everlasting sprout, nozomi ishiguro’s SS12 collection is the perfect example of the style experimentation of the japanese. splattered across the runway were transparent shawls, letters & strategically stained garments which seemed to add new dimension to my own perception of good design. what’s so dope about this collection is that it’s not put into a category, rather it is what fashion is & should be- expression. combined were a few menswear looks, though they were just as experimental. presented in tokyo’s olympic rugby stadium, the clothes hold a strong message. inspired by violent political reports & cream puffs- there is a balance between hard & soft. there’s almost a certain fragility about the sinister elements that bleed through each look in this collection. though not conventional, in comparison to what we are used to; these designs challenge the pre-established & seemingly break all the rules. strong vision & strong execution.

imagesource | wwd