spring collections, tokyo: ato menswear

by Jeremy Danté

menswear, for me should be effortless. i feel as though men have much more of a pre-established style structure that rarely changes each season. when talking change, im not talking shorts vs. pants or t-shirts vs. coats- im talking true change. generally, womenswear has a stronger reputation to push the envelope or challenge our use of print, cut & shape. the ato SS12 menswear collection plays up the militant structure of uniforms beautifully. in some cases, i look to menswear with a sense of disinterest considering that it’s the same lines, same shapes & predictable palettes. that was not the case with this collection. strict & clean, the collection did host a few womenswear looks but a range of standard designs seemed to be presented with a strong sense of design while a faultless palette. the attention to tailoring & the mindful relaxation of fit in other areas was incredibly well balanced. overall, i loved this collection for it’s strength in simplicity; unbreakable lines & classic yet modern style. obsessed with this collection, in every way, shape & form. completely. amazing execution & clear vision.

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