spring collections, tokyo: jenny fax

by Jeremy Danté

growing up, i was intensely interested in japanese anime. following the stateside release of sailor moon, i began to research other anime characters & became obsessed with magic knight rayearth. the elements of hyper-beauty that is projected through this type of animation amazed me & the stylized glimpses of japan that i seen only made it that much more interesting. as i got older, i became more aware of the thin line that had separated anime & adult entertainment; which ruptured my perception of the exaggerated beauty. i slowly departed from it, finding myself more interested & more saturated in my other interests, never really being interested in american animation outside of the world of disney. those elements i was once interested in were threaded in some of the elements of the SS12 jenny fax collection. the use of animated prints is the obvious reference of japanese animation but so is the child-like styling & design references. oversized bows & exaggerated silhouettes blur the lines of adolescence & adult. small aspects of design from the 1980’s & 70’s are visible as school girl uniforms, prom queens & rock stars are seen on the runway in the wide ranged set of looks, similar to those fabulous latest collections one can find at teranicouture.com/collection/prom-dresses-2017/. with a varied palette of red, navy, yellow & white- the collection is a solid set of design that is easily & distinctively japan. strong direction & undeniable efforts of execution.

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